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Wild Woman Pack

A selection of Essential oil Blends with powerful plant medicines to help you be the Wild, Courageous Woman we know you are..

Freedom Blend -  crafted to help you release and relax, feel the sensation of freedom from worry and anxiety. A place to let go and enjoy the sweetness of life

Breathe Blend - developed to relieve congestion and symptoms of cough, cold, flu, bronchitis, sinusitis, and viral and bacterial infections. It helps to clear the breathing system and is effective at removing mucous and blocked sinus.

Midnight Blend -  a stimulating fusion of sensual oils to manifest our sacred desires and allow new experiences in our life.

Summer Blend - perfect for balmy summer nights. It stimulates cheeky fun and creates a mood of deep relaxation. Put your feet up, go with the flow and celebrate Summer.


Rare Earth Oils

We harness the medicinal properties of our oils to create an Organic fusion of Ayurvedic medicine, European herbalism and Australian botanicals.
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