Virus protection pack 4

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Looking for protection from the CORONA VIRUS? We have put together our best virus-fighting essential oils to help protect you and your family.

This pack has essential anti-viral products to keep you healthy.
1 x Eucalyptus (Narrow Leaf Ironbark) essential oil – use in a diffuser or steam inhalations
1 x Snuffler – blend of anti-viral oils to use on the go
1 x Chest Rub 15ml – great for the whole family as a soothing, antiviral rub

Proven to remove airborn virus. According to a study recorded in leading Aromatherapist Salvatore Battaglia book ;

“antiviral activity of Tea Tree oil and Eucalyptus oil aerosols in a range of concentrations against Influenza A and E. Coli phage. The study found that both essential oil aerosols possessed strong anti-viral action and were capable of inactivating model viruses with efficacy of more than 95% within 5-15 minutes of exposure.”
** see Link to Science research :


Use your anti-viral essential oils in a aroma diffuser at work, in the home, bedroom or wherever you need to remove airborne virus.