Sweet Orange

Organic, Cold Pressed
Aroma: Fresh, citrus

The highest grade Orange Oil is cold pressed from the skins and has been used in Traditional Medicine for over two thousand years. In France it is known as THE children’s remedy, used mainly for poor sleeping habits, tummy upsets and as an antiseptic.

Orange oil acts similar to a sedative, calming and uplifting our mood.
It has also been used to improve lymphatic function and reduce cellulite.

Country Of Origin: North America

A soft refreshing sweet citrus perfume that is very cleansing and uplifting, reminiscent of the scent from a scratched orange peel.

Note: Top

Chakra: Solar Plexus


Traditional Chinese Medicine considered it improved the circulation of stuck Chi in the digestive system and is calming in nature due to its yin (female) energy. This explained the sedating effect on mild depression, anxiety and insomnia.

Sweet Orange helps us to feel optimistic, cheerful, open hearted and digest change and new ideas. It encourages us to take on new challenges when we feel afraid of risk and change and to reconnect with our joyful inner child.