Sandalwood Santalum Album
Status: Organic, Pure, Steam Distilled
Aroma: Woody

Ancient healers have known for thousand of years the diverse capabilities of Sandalwood.

Sustainably nurtured in Australia.
In 1997, a team of Australian entrepreneurs located a rare and precious seed source in Mysore, India. They have been nurtured and protected in the lush tropical north of Australia, where they mature gracefully with potent oil-bearing heartwood of the highest purity.

Revered for thousand of years for its ubiquitous wellbeing properties, Indian Sandalwood (Santalum Album) is considered the most precious wood and essential oil in the world. Evidence of its use dates back as early as ancient Egypt, and in 1792 the sultan of Mysore declared it a noble tree in its spiritual home of Mysore, India.

An endangered Species
Following decades of exploitation through illegal harvesting, this species now sits on the brink of extinction in the wild. Adulterated and synthesized, it is sold through black markets as a bulk commodity with no guarantee of purity or authenticity, offering little respect to its noble past.

Sandalwood is one of the oldest oils known with recorded use of over 4,000 years. It is an important part of Indian, Buddhist and other spiritual and sacred rites. It is used extensively in the perfume industry as it has a long lasting base note, important for blending and fixing a blend, and harmonises other essential oil blends.

Sandalwood is well known for aiding meditation and spiritual practices. Clearing negative energy, it promotes peace and happiness in your life.

Aroma: Woody Note: Base Chakra: Base and Crown