Rosemary Essential Oil


Status: Organic, Pure, Steam Distilled

Aroma: Woody
Our invigorating oil has a spicy rich warm aroma with woody, herbaceous undertones, reminiscent of fresh cedar wood smoke around a winter nights fire.
Native to the Mediterranean, and used in European and Middle Eastern Traditional Medicine for over a thousand years the ancient Egyptians favoured it while the Romans and Greeks considered it a sacred plant. They discovered Rosemary delivered powerful digestive remedies; Hippocrates considered it overcame liver and spleen problems including jaundice. Purifying and stimulating to the mind it was thought to improve memory and to this day is used as a symbol of remembrance.

Traditional Chinese Medicine believed it boosts our yang, or masculine, energies to motivate and stimulate us to get back out there and manifest our wishes, desires and goals. Where there is confusion it offers us clear thinking and clarity.
Great to use before your morning routine to keep your head clear and protected from outside influences, Rosemary provides us with psychic and energetic protection. In Traditional Mediterranean cultures it was employed to clear a space of negative energies or spirits and to act as protection.

A great aid for; meditation, psychic development and intuition

Aroma: Woody          Note: Middle          Chakra: Third Eye



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