Rose Geranium


Rose geranium
Status: Organic, Pure, Steam Distilled

Aroma: Floral
The highest quality geranium oil carries the sweet powerful perfume of a garden of roses in full bloom under the mid-day summers sun. It is a priority to use in blends creating a summery floral bouquet of bliss.

Originally from Algeria, Rose Geranium has been used since roman times for its delightful aroma and health benefits. We searched the world to bring you the finest organic quality oil and aroma, and discovered it in the fields of Kenya. The company focuses on wild crafted materials Indigenous to Sub-Sahara Africa. It is popular in skin care products because of its ability to balance the skins natural oils whether you have dry, oily or combination skin and reportedly improves lymphatic function.

Geranium oil is perfect for someone who has become very mental in outlook and forgotten sensory experiences, intuition, imagination and thinking with the heart. It suits a nurturing personality and aids balance and harmony of the Heart Chakra.
Rose Geranium suits a workaholic wanting to slow down and feel with their heart and senses as well as think with their head. Rose Geranium aroma helps create a nurturing sense of security and stability while washing away tension and worries.
Aroma: Floral Note: Middle Chakra: Heart



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