River Red Gum


River Red Gum Eucalyptus
Status: Organic, Pure, Steam Distilled

Aroma: Woody, Medicinal
River Red Gum has a light surprisingly sweet, rich yet cleansing and refreshing perfume without the usual woody undertones of Eucalyptus. It is like waking from a great sleep feeling refreshed and renewed, full of energy for the sweet day ahead.
Each species of Eucalyptus, and there are hundreds, contains varying levels of different natural chemicals that create a unique aromatic signature. River Red Gum is a less common Eucalyptus species only growing in dry creek beds and its unique aroma makes the challenge of harvesting the leaves more than worth it. To ensure the highest-grade organic essential oil Rare Earth Oils hand harvests in sustainable forests in Far North Queensland and we distil the leaves with-in hours of picking.

Eucalyptus Oil is probably best known for its ability to loosen and expel mucus. Research does indicate that inhalations of Eucalyptus Oil can markedly improve breathing and function because of its antibacterial, antiviral nature it may also reduce initial and secondary infections. Some research indicates it may boost our body’s production of white blood cells.

The oil is excellent for energetically clearing a space and to aid meditation. Indigenous Australians would cleanse a space of negative energies or spirits, conflict, or after a death by burning (smudging) eucalyptus leaves throughout the space.
Helping us to be open hearted, restoring optimism and vitality it offers us cleansing and renewal, lifts our spirit and grants us the vision to see new horizons.

Aroma: Woody, medicinal                 Note: Middle                  Chakra: Heart



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