Narrow-Leaf Ironbark



Eucalyptus, Narrow Leafed Ironbark

Organic, Pure, Steam Distilled


A clean, crisp scent with lingering aromatic woody tones, NLI immediately invokes the smell of the Aussie bush on a clear summers day.

Hand harvested in sustainable forests in Far North Queensland by Rare Earth Oils we distil the leaves with-in hours of picking, ensuring the purest, highest-grade organic essential oil. Each species of Eucalyptus, and there are hundreds, contain unique levels of the different botanical oils that create the aromatic signature of individual species.

Eucalyptus Oil is probably best known for its ability to loosen and expel mucus. Because of its antibacterial, antiviral nature it may also reduce  initial and secondary infections. Some research indicates it may boost our body’s production of white blood cells to fight an infection.

Surprisingly it is less well known for its use in liniments to ease the symptoms of; muscle aches and pains, arthritis, headaches, nerve pain, injury and general muscular problems due to its analgesic, inflammation reducing effect.


Indigenous Australians would cleanse a space of bad energies or spirits, or places where there has been conflict by burning (smudging) eucalyptus leaves throughout the space.

The oil is excellent for clearing a space or negative energy, where there has been conflict, bad memories or negative spirits. Great to aid our meditation, it helps us   to be open hearted, restoring optimism and vitality and offers us cleansing and renewal, lifts our spirit and grants us the vision to see new horizons.

Aroma: Medicinal                          Note: Middle                            Chakra: Heart

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