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Lemon Myrtle

Botanical name: Backhousia citriodora

  • Soothe tension and invite relaxation
  • Calm noisy, excited children
  • Fresh, vibrant citrus aroma to cleanse smells
  • Exquisite flavour when used in culinary


Native to Australia, Lemon Myrtle has been used by the Aboriginal people for thousands of years for its medicinal and culinary properties.

Smooth and sweet, Lemon Myrtle helps to soothe tension and invite relaxation. Especially good to calm noisy, excited children.

Extraordinarily high in citral, Lemon Myrtle is a powerful antibacterial, antiseptic, and antifungal agent.

Its Fresh, bold citrus aroma is perfect for cleansing room smells and adding to household cleaning products.

BLENDS WELL WITH: Eucalyptus, bergamot, frankincense, rose geranium, lavender, lemon, mandarin, peppermint, sweet orange, rosemary, Sandalwood or Tea Tree.


Rare Earth Oils

We harness the medicinal properties of our oils to create an Organic fusion of Ayurvedic medicine, European herbalism and Australian botanicals.
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