Lavender Essential Oil



Botanical Name: Lavindin Super


  • Relieve insomnia and stress
  • Increases relaxation
  • Childbirth
  • Relieve mild menstrual pain and PMS symptoms

Historical Uses


Considered to have anti-inflammatory properties for the skin lavender was historically used to relieve the symptoms of inflammation in many skin problems including; acne, eczema, dermatitis, wounds, rashes, insect bites and boils. Included in liniments for: muscle pain, arthritis, sciatica, inflammation, arthritis, nerve pain, headaches, backache, muscle spasms, cramps and injuries.

Traditionally used by women to relieve menstrual pain and PMS symptoms. Lavender Oil was typically massaged into the belly region for relief. One study showed it was the most popular oil to use during childbirth for mild pain relief and was found to reduce anxiety and tension.


Ayuvedic practices believe it helps us be more perceptive, open our intuition, unblock the third eye and integrate our spiritual self into our daily life. It helps protect us from external negative energies, and encourages us to hear and trust our intuition.

Three tips for use:

  1. Massage directly onto skin in affected area – temples or abdomen, insect bites, sunburn etc
  2. 2. Add to skin care, massage oils, compress or bath.
  3. 3. Inhalation: Essential Oil Diffuser, steam inhalation, direct inhalation.




Aroma:. The perfume embodies a surprisingly soft sweet aroma with light, floral, gentle overtones.

Note: Top

Status: Organic

Origin: Grown in France in high altitudes, the lavender oil we have chosen is a unique cross between two species and is the most popular lavender oil with the perfume industry.

Method of extraction: Steam Distilled

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