Hand Sanitiser



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In this current crisis, which will pass, there are a few ways to protect your hands from viral cells. An alcohol based hand sanitiser – sadly, is almost impossible to buy (most stock was bought up in January and shipped to China) and some have hoarded it, even medical centres are having trouble purchasing it.

If you buy alcohol based hand santiser here are some FACTS you need to know as there are a few scams out there. It needs to be between 60-70% alcohol. More than 70% means it will also fail as it also needs a water component. Check the ABC news, health section to confirm this.

Washing your hands with soap is very effective as long as you don’t touch your face before washing.

At Rare Earth Oils we wanted to offer an alternative to alcohol based hand sanitiser because of the lack of availability and trustworthy sources with the correct amount. Our herbalist, who also has a science degree, has created a hand sanitiser with Tea Tree, Eucalyptus and Fir Needle Essential Oils at triple the recommended levels to ensure effectiveness.

These Essential Oils kill viral cells by dissolving the lipids in the outer membrane of the cell. Without this membrane the viral cell cannot survive.

Apply a very small amount to your hands and spread as you would a moisturiser. While the essential oils remain on your hands they will kill any viral cells that you touch or come in contact with. The three main chemicals in these oils that have this effect are terpenes, cineols and alcohol.

Rare Earth Oils Hand Sanitiser also has moisturising ingredients so is safe for people with sensitive skin who have trouble using other sanitisers.

Our business has been alive and growing for 7 years and our many loyal customers know that our products work, so you can trust our herbalists formulations and our integrity. The choice is yours and our hand sanitiser is now available at our on-line shop in 120 ml bottles, because you only need a very small amount, this should last you a considerable time.