Fir Needle Essential Oil


Fir Needle, Siberian
Organic, Pure, Steam Distilled

It has a surprisingly sweet top note with a very refreshing undertone.

It is considered one of the best oils for the whole breathing system and a very effective decongestant. There are many varieties of Pine needle, each with a unique aroma. Growing conditions, levels of cold and altitude all affect the quality, chemical components and perfume. We smelt them all and were thrilled when we came across Siberian Fir because this essential oil aroma is the sweetest and freshest of them all.

It supports us to feel self confident, patient and courageous, to feel free in spirit and develop endurance and strength. It allows us to be optimistic and self-accepting, release guilt and find forgiveness.
Fir Needle supports us to absorb new ideas and perspectives. Perfect for clearing a space of negative energies and to aid meditation and yoga.
Aroma – Woody                       Note: Middle               Chakra: Sacral

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