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Big Love Pack

This pack has everything you need to help that someone special fall in love with aromatherapy and natural products.

1 x Lotus Car Diffuser (+ 8 replacement pads)
1 x
1 x Sandalwood
1 x Kaffir Lime
1 x Fir Needle
1 x Lemon Myrtle
1 x Bruise Balm 15ml
1 x Muscle Rub 35ml
1 x Chest Rub 35ml

With our favourite Lotus Car Diffuser, let the exotic aromas of Sandalwood, Frankincense, vibrant Lemon Myrtle and Kaffir Lime and the fresh, crisp smell of Fir Needle fill your car instantly with good vibes and aromas for every mood. Our range of world class Balms will nurture the body. All organic and natural.


Rare Earth Oils

We harness the medicinal properties of our oils to create an Organic fusion of Ayurvedic medicine, European herbalism and Australian botanicals.
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