Rare Earth Oils wild-harvests eucalyptus oils to create a range of natural, organic, ethically produced wellness products. Rare Earth Oils is a social enterprise which means profits go to support the Rare Earth Foundation for their work empowering youth in Australia. www.ref.org.au

Turning ideas into reality – how it all came about




At the Rare Earth Foundation we integrated a new way of thinking to organisational sustainability. Using a corporate model for sustainability, we moved away from the traditional charitable model that relies heavily on government funding, to social enterprise. And with the support of many, in late 2011, Rare Earth Oils was created.

Our balms

Infused into all our formulas is the knowledge of Rare Earth Oils herbalist with 60 years experience in the natural health industry. Creating alchemy between European, Chinese and Ayuvedic Taditional Herbal Medicine, backed by cutting edge science and over a thousand years of use, our range of balms offers natural organic solutions to common health and first aid needs. To add to the unique alchemy of Rare Earth Oils Balms we have combined this herbal medicine with Essential Oils and aromatherapy benefits.


small beginnings

In 2013, our first range of products hit the market in Far north Queensland at the Sustainability expo in Far North Queensland.

long term

Our long term goal is to create a robust social enterprise that creates sustainability for the Rare Earth Foundation whilst providing health and beauty solutions and to provide business support and mentoring for Aboriginal entrepreneurs and family groups.

creating trans-generational change one leaf at a time..

our ingredients

To ensure the highest medicinal quality in our balms we create our own herbal extracts by infusing the herbs into olive and avocado oil for months to ensure maximum extraction and therefore effectiveness. Avocado oil contains many vitamins and minerals and was traditionally used to soothe the skin from the symptoms of nappy rash, eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis and rashes. It was found to be the perfect moisturiser for dry, undernourished, climate damaged and mature skin.

Olive Oil has been used since Roman times for it’s benefits and is a natural alternative for the rejuvenation of your skin, for treating common skin problems and as a soothing moisturizer. It contains powerful antioxidants including vitamins E and A, as well as the monounsaturated fatty acids that give it its healing anti-inflammatory properties. One of these extracts is the natural chemical oleocanthal – which mimics the effect of ibuprofen in reducing inflammation.

Our 100% organic beeswax offers moisturizing, hydrating and healing properties for the skin. A majority of beeswax used in skin care is not really organic. A chemical solvent is used to remove everything but the wax. The other ingredients contain many of the medicinal properties of beeswax and should be included for skin care. In the spirit of 100% natural we use Grapefruit Seed extract as our preservative.

Rare Earth Oils is committed to using pure, organic and natural ingredients in our range and supporting Aussie farmers wherever possible; all our base oils and waxes are purchased direct from Australian farms. We produce three very different, high-grade medicinal eucalyptus essential oils, hand harvested in sustainable forests in Far North Queensland. Using our essential oils in our balms ensures the highest medicinal benefits.

There is a certain spectrum of light rays that will damage and corrupt botanical extracts and oils. This means the medicinal properties will be gone and the oils become rancid. To maintain quality the balm must be protected and we do this is by storing in a brown glass jar, or a tin. Brown glass prevents the damaging band of the light spectrum from penetrating and damaging the ingredients.


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