Luminosity Natural Skin Care

fusing the knowledge of ancient cultures from around the globe and the latest in skin science. Rare Earth Oils offers you silky, glowing skin, protecting you from environmental damage and delivering powerful regenerative powers. We promise you will feel and see the difference.
In a new era in skin care Rare Earth Oils Luminescence Range brings you wisdom from the deep jungles of the Americas, Bush Medicine of Australia and South Sea Islands, Beauty secrets of the Ancient Egyptians and Greeks, the Skin Secrets of the Far East and Tibet, Ayuvedic and European botanical extracts, synergised with the latest science to birth a unique skin care range.
Designed by our Master Herbalist and Scientist our unique natural range is an exciting new development in holistic skin care. Promoting cell regeneration, collagen and elastin growth, improving skin health, containing powerful hydrating and protective agents Luminescence contains many antioxidants and botanicals, precious oils, vitamins, minerals and trace elements creating glowing silky skin. You’ll need to feel it to believe it!

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